Gasket Material

Hanna Rubber is your # 1 source for all your industrial gasket needs.

From total fabrication to gasket material right off the shelf, ready to ship, which saves you valuable time.

Hanna Rubber stocks compressed fiber, cork, carbon, graphite and PTFE sheet gasket material in all standard thicknesses with total fabrication capabilities for die cutting, stripping, stamping, slitting to your order from patterns and blue prints, any material, shape, size and quantity.


Carbon Graphite

is manufactured from carbon fibers and graphite bonded with a nitrile rubber binder. Used for applications up to 900 degrees. It is suitable for sealing hot oils, fuels, coolants, solvents, gases,...


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Cork and Rubber

Cork and rubber materials are available in a wide variety of combinations. The high resiliency of rubber and the compressibility of cork make it an excellent material for industrial applications...

Cork Gasket Material

EMI-RFI Gasket Material

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) or Radio Frequencey Interference (RFI) shielding materials are a unique combination of high quality silicone and conductive microscopic particles manufactured to specific formulations. Conductive Particle Filled Elastometers Series 800 Performance...

Expanded PTFE

Service Limits Properties Color: White Size: 1500mm x 1500mm Thickness: 0.5mm up to 6.0mm Temperature Range: -240C up to 270C; for short periods up to 315C Chemical Resistance: chemically inert against all substances, including the most...


Hanna Rubber sells the following ® materials by the sheet, or we can fabricate gaskets per your specification from these materials.


Compressed Fiber Material is a compressed non-asbestos sheet gasket material produced from a combination of aramid and other synthetic fibers and bonded with nitrile rubber (NBR). It is a very good...

PTFE Gasket Material

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene consisting of carbon and fluorine. Water and water-containing cannot wet PTFE. PTFE has one of the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid....


Vellumoid is a treated vegetable fiber material suited for use under light flange loads. It has excellent resistance to oils and fuels for service temperatures to 250 degrees. Is stocked 36 inches...

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