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PropertyTest MethodNominal ValueParameters
Density[g/cm3]ASTM D 7920.9
Compressibility[%] ASTM F 3645ó=34 MPa
Recovery[%] ASTM F 3614ó=34 MPa
CompressibilityKSW[%] DIN 28090 -241ó=20 MPa
RecoveryKRW[%] DIN 28090 -210ó=20 MPa
Tensile Strength[MPa]ASTM F15231room temperature
Stress Retention[MPa]DIN 529131530 N/mm2 ,150°C, 16h
Q min 0,01[MPa]EN1355523HE 40 bar
Q smin 0,01[MPa]EN13555<10HE 40 bar
Q min 0,001[MPa]EN1355531HE 40 bar
Q smin 0,001[MPa]EN13555<10HE 40 bar
Q smax[MPa]EN13555>240room temperature
specific leakage rate
[mbar x l/ (s x m)
VDI 2440/ TA LUFTEN135552.6 X 10^-7He, 1 bar, 30 MPa


Color: White

Size: 1500mm x 1500mm

Thickness: 0.5mm up to 6.0mm

Temperature Range: -240C up to 270C; for short periods up to 315C

Chemical Resistance: chemically inert against all substances, including the most aggressive acids and lyes. The only exceptions are molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine at high temperature and pressure.

Operating pressure: from vacuum to 200bar

Safety: TEADIT 24SH complies to FDA regulations for food, it is physiologically harmless.

Comparable to: INERTEX, DURLON9600, GYLON


Gasket Tape

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