Cork Copolymer

@ 400 psi
Shore A
(+/- 10)
09-DRG 46An economic, soft grade, synthetic material with superior cushioning, mounting, and anti-skid characteristics.Co-Polymer 37125 min30-50753 MAX50-70
09-E 20An economic, co-polymer with good oil and fuel sealing properties.Neoprene33125 min40-55753 MAX45-65
09-E 22Medium/fine grain cork; soft grade synthetic rubber.Co-Polymer 35200 min30-40752 MAX60-75
09-E 25Fine cork grain; medium grade nitrile.Neoprene39225 min20-40753 MAX70-80
09-E 70Soft grade, co-polymer and cork, economical with medium fuel resistance.Nitrile36200 min35-45753 MAX60-75
09-122Outstanding oil, fuel and solvent resistance under medium – high bolting pressures.Nitrile48250 min20-35753 MAX65-80
09-166 SNWA co-polymer sponge with good oil and fuel resistance.EPDM2875 min35-50803 MAX30-50
09-GRD 35Medium fuel and oil resistance with medium compressibility in an economy grade rubber cork co-polymer Nitrile30140 min40-55753 MAX50-60

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