Neoprene Rubber

Allied Rubber stocks Neoprene (CR-chloroprene)  in 36″ and 48″ wide rolls 1/32″ – 2″ thick (40-90 durometer).

Neoprene is a polymer chloroprene and is available in many varieties including nonsulfur modified “W” and the more common sulfur modified “GN” types.  Neoprene is know for its resistance to oil, gasoline, sunlight, ozone and oxidation; however, there are other polymers that have better resistance to these same elements.  CR’s most important advantage is its ability to combine these properties moderately into one all-purpose polymer.

Certain compounds of neoprene are flame resistant and will not support combustion.  Resistance to corrosive action of chemicals is good, but is inferior to butyl, Hypalon, EP and fluorocarbons.  Neoprene G types exhibit better resilience, tensile strength, tear resistance and dynamic properties; whereas neoprene W types are better for abrasion resistance and compression set properties.

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