Black EPDM Multipurpose Hose for Industrial, Agricultural, and Commercial Use – 0.38″ ID, 300 PSI, -40°F to 210°F Temperature

Black EPDM Multipurpose Hose for Industrial, Agricultural, and Commercial Use – 0.38″ ID, 300 PSI, -40°F to 210°F Temperature

This economy multipurpose hose designed for use in industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications for the transfer of air, water, and light chemicals. The durable EPDM tube and cover stand up to a high range of temperature changes and remains extremely flexible.

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Black EPDM




-40°F to 210°F

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Say hello to the M006101-038, a multipurpose hose that exceeds expectations in both design and functionality. Designed with the utmost precision, this economy hose is built to cater to the specific needs of the industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors. Whether you need it to transfer air, water, or even light chemicals, the M006101-038 has got you covered.

The highlight of this multipurpose hose is its black EPDM tube and cover, specifically engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions and high temperature changes with ease. It’s incredibly durable and, thanks to its flexibility, it can bend and curve around corners, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

The M006101-038 is an essential part of several industries that demand reliability and excellent performance. Available in various sizes that are perfectly tailored to meet your specific needs, it has a 0.38in ID and a 0.7in OD with a 300psi pressure rating. Moreover, it is reinforced with sturdy textile that enhances its robustness, giving it the ability to handle high pressure and flow rates with ease.

This multipurpose hose is unbeatable when it comes to durability, providing maximum protection with its 04:01:00 burst ratio. It’s engineered to withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 210°F, making it perfect for multi-dimensional work environments. Not just that, but it is lightweight, making it super easy to handle and manage, weighing in at just 0.17lbs per foot.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a dependable multipurpose hose for your industrial, agricultural, construction, or commercial needs, the M006101-038 is a perfect fit for you. Its practicality and versatility make it an excellent addition to your industrial equipment, and you can be sure that it will handle your applications with ease. It’s time to upgrade to a hose that guarantees quality performance, so get your hands on the M006101-038 today!

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