EPDM Multipurpose Hose for Industrial, Agricultural, and Commercial Applications – 0.62in ID, 300psi – M003101-062

EPDM Multipurpose Hose for Industrial, Agricultural, and Commercial Applications – 0.62in ID, 300psi – M003101-062

This economy multipurpose hose designed for use in industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications for the transfer of air, water, and light chemicals. The durable EPDM tube and cover stand up to a high range of temperature changes and remains extremely flexible.

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Black EPDM




-40°F to 210°F

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We are thrilled to introduce to you the M003101-062 multipurpose hose. This exceptional hose is perfect for commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications, where the transfer of air, water, and light chemicals is necessary. We understand that navigating through the vast array of hoses and tubes available in the market can be daunting but trust us when we say that this hose is worth your attention and investment.

The M003101-062 is a high-quality hose that is built to endure a wide range of temperature changes, thanks to its durable EPDM tube and cover. The flexibility that this hose provides under even the most extreme conditions is unparalleled. The black EPDM tube has been specially engineered to resist the effects of oxidation and ozone, a quality that guarantees its reliability even in harsh environments. Furthermore, reinforced with textile material, this hose remains immensely sturdy through everyday wear and tear.

This multipurpose hose boasts of an impressive inner diameter of 0.62 inches, an outer diameter of 0.98 inches, making it capable of handling up to 300 PSI. Its safety features are impeccable, having been designed with an incredible burst ratio of 04:01:00. At a very light weight of only 0.29 lbs/ft, this hose is easy to handle.

Its outstanding performance, resiliency, and durability make the M003101-062 an indispensable tool in all industrial, commercial, and agricultural operations. It is part of our Air & Multipurpose category and specifically belongs to our category of Red Multipurpose Hose. It’s perfect for a wide range of applications, including compressor operations, pneumatic tools, and general industrial operations.

In conclusion, this hose is a game-changer in the hoses and tubes market, and we strongly urge you to experience the difference in quality that sets us apart. Order your M003101-062 today, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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