Industrial Wire Reinforced Air Hose – NBR Tube, WIRE BRAID Reinforcement, 0.5″ ID, 0.8″ OD, 600 PSI, 4 Bend Radius

Industrial Wire Reinforced Air Hose – NBR Tube, WIRE BRAID Reinforcement, 0.5″ ID, 0.8″ OD, 600 PSI, 4 Bend Radius

This heavy duty wire reinforced air hose with a pin pricked cover is specifically designed for use in compressed air service in industrial, construction, drilling and mining applications. The ozone and abrasion resistant cover holds up to the toughest applications.

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Black NBR




-22°F to 180°F

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Discover our top-of-the-line Heavy Duty Wire Reinforced Air Hose that will set a new standard in your industrial, construction, drilling, and mining activities by offering unparalleled performance. Our innovative design and quality materials guarantee reliability and durability, making this air hose a smart investment for your business.

The black NBR tube in our air hose is highly resistant to environmental factors such as oxidation, swelling, and more. It’s the perfect material for harsh industrial settings. In addition, this hose has a pin-pricked cover that ensures safe venting of air pressure at the hose’s specific working temperature range from -22°F to 180°F.

With a 0.5″ ID and 0.8″ OD, this air hose provides outstanding airflow without any obstructions. The wire braid reinforcement is stiff enough to ensure a longer lifespan for the hose and to prevent any kinks and bends that could restrict airflow. Still, don’t be misled by its rugged construction; this air hose remains incredibly flexible. Moreover, with a bend radius of only 4 inches, it’s perfect for tight applications.

The cover is abrasion and ozone-resistant, showcasing its superior quality even in the toughest situations. Additionally, it has a safety factor of 4:1, which is four times higher than the rated pressure before bursting. With a maximum operating pressure of 600 PSI, you can rest easy knowing that our Heavy Duty Wire Reinforced Air Hose exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality products without compromising on safety.

Invest today in our premium Heavy Duty Wire Reinforced Air Hose, regardless of your sector, and elevate your compressed air service requirements to a whole new level!

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