Light-Duty Static Dissipating Hose for Fly Ash & Cement Transfer – SBR Tube, 5 in x 5.48 in, 75 psi, -40°F to 180°F

Light-Duty Static Dissipating Hose for Fly Ash & Cement Transfer – SBR Tube, 5 in x 5.48 in, 75 psi, -40°F to 180°F

This light-duty hose is specifically designed with a static dissipating, abrasion resistant tube designed for use in pneumatic transfer of fly ash, dry cement, and other non-FDA material transfer applications.

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Black SBR




-40°F to 180°F

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Are you searching for a robust and dependable hose that can cater to all your material handling and mining requirements? Your search has come to an end with our 4002103-500 hose. This hose is designed to suit your needs, with its capability to dissipate static and its ability to resist abrasion – ideal for pneumatic material transfer, including fly ash, dry cement, and other non-FDA applications.

Our 4002103-500 hose is made from black SBR and includes textile reinforcement, vastly improving its combined durability and longevity. This reinforced design can further withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to as high as 180°F, making it effective and reliable even during extreme temperature changes.

Featuring a 5-inch diameter, it is ideal for the transportation of bulkier materials that typically require a larger hose. Furthermore, with a hose thickness of 0.125, you can transport any material confidently, without any concerns of it leaking out. Our hose is also built with a 75 PSI operating pressure rating that offers a 3:1 safety factor, making it suitable for all your light-duty handling requirements.

Our 4002103-500 hose is a versatile solution suitable for any industrial application where bulk handling of cement, sand, or any other material is required. It guarantees long-lasting performance, high quality, and impeccable construction that will elevate your productivity and efficiency for years to come.

Experience the difference with our 4002103-500 hose – the ultimate solution for all your bulk material handling needs. So why wait? Make the purchase today and benefit from its reliable and durable performance!

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