Tealon TF1590 is a restructured PTFE Gasket Sheet manufactured by a unique process which provides a high fibrillation level to overcome the creep relaxation and cold flow problem associated with skived PTFE sheets. This style is produced with virgin PTFE resin filled with Silica.

Application / Service

Tealon TF1590 is suitable for services with high pressures and temperature, especially in chemical processing and hydrocarbon plants in strong acids (except hydrofluoric), solvents, hydrocarbons, water, steam, and chlorine.The gasket material was tested to be in conformance per FDA CFR177.2260

Service Limits

Temperature Limits
PressureMaximum1200 psi (83 bar)
Available Sheet Sizes
Thickness1/16" or 1/8"
Sheet Sizes59" x 59"
P x T* max350,000 (12,000)**
250,000 (8,600)***
* P x T = psig x °F (bar x °C)
** Based on 1.5mm sheet thickness
*** Based on 3.0mm sheet thickness

Typical Physical Properties

ASTM Test MethodPropertyValue
F36 ACompressability Range @ 5000 psi (%)7-12
F36 ARecovery (%)40
152Tensile Stength (MPa)14
D792Specific Gravity (g/cm³)2.10
F38Creep Relaxation (%)18
F37 ASealability (ml/n @ .7 bar)0.2
DIN 3535Sealability (cm³ / min)<.015

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